I would like to say a few things to anyone who is in need of a bankruptcy or financial lawyer.  My wife and I were in dire straits with our home mortgage.  We were many months behind on payment and it was only a matter of time before we lost our home of nearly thirty years.  We also had great concern about our rental property in another state which we own free and clear.  We had exhausted our retirement accounts and this investment property was in jeopardy as well.  My first concern was finding a lawyer that I could trust to work diligently and honestly on my behalf.  We were afraid that we would end up indebted to a law firm with no improvement in our property issues.  I scoured the internet for attorneys in our area that had good consumer reviews.  The selection was limited.  There are countless cases of people being ruined by bad representation!  I found the law offices of David Lozono had believable, positive reviews and gave him a call.  Mr. Lozono did not delegate us to an underling, he met with us himself.  David’s first impression was that he could not only save our home, but that he could save our investment property as well!  Of course I thought he was being a bit more optimistic than he should be!  I could not have been more wrong!  David formulated a plan to take the most advantage possible from the bankruptcy laws and he solved the problem.   I am pleased to say that my investment property is secure and I am sitting here in my home that was at one time tagged for sale at auction.  David saved our home and we have since been granted a loan modification. I can assure you that in spite of my doubts, we could not have asked for a more capable law firm or a better outcome to our financial woes!  My endorsement was not solicited and I would be happy to give reference to anyone in need of his help.

Most sincerely,

Joseph Zona

Joseph Zona Bankruptcy Client

“Thank you for being so understanding and patient with us. Every time I call your office everyone is always so nice and courteous to us.”

“Your professionalism and knowledge is just simply amazing. Through your assistance I am now on my way to achieving my financial goals and I am living a stress free life.”

“Please accept our sincerest gratitude as we do not know what we would have done without your assistance in dealing with our mortgage company. Through your numerous phone calls and emails they finally saw the light and we are now on the road to financial freedom. Thank you again”