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The Law Offices Of David Lozano is here to help you with your bankruptcy. Please contact us at 1-661-528-4004 or visit our website for more information about how we can help you.

Bankruptcy Basics – Video Seven of Nine

There is no reason to be afraid of bankruptcy. In many cases bankruptcy can help eliminate your debt. We can also help with large credit card debt, loan modification, and medical bills.

Through a bankruptcy done right, you can get a fresh start to life. That is what bankruptcy is all about, starting over.

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Can help you with your bankruptcy case and best of all we are local to Lancaster, CA.

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The Bankruptcy Basics video series is a 9 part series about what to expect when considering bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Basics video series had been brought to you by the Law Offices of David Lozano a Bankruptcy Attorney in Lancaster, CA and in conjunction with the United Sates Courts:

Bankruptcy Basics — Video 1:

Bankruptcy Basics — Video 2:

Bankruptcy Basics — Video 3:

Bankruptcy Basics — Video 4:

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Bankruptcy Basics — Video 6:

Bankruptcy Basics — Video 7:

Bankruptcy Basics — Video 8:

Bankruptcy Basics — Video 9:

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Bankruptcy Attorney Lancaster, CA – The Law Offices Of David Lozano

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