Is Bankruptcy Right For You? 3 Reasons It May Be!

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by David Lozano, Esq.


While approximately a million people file bankruptcy each year, there are still not enough tools available beyond discussing your situation with an attorney to help you determine if filing bankruptcy is the best option for you.

Here are three good reasons most people decide filing a bankruptcy to get a fresh financial start is the best option for them.

Reason 1: You Are Debt Free Overnight

There are a multitude of “debt solution” alternatives advertised on the internet and spammed into your email regularly.  You have debt settlement scams and credit counseling companies promising to make you debt free in four to five years.  There are even the more exotic approaches that claim you don’t owe because money is a fiction.  Regardless of the alternative most of them include paying some amount back on the debt and usually for a very long time.

Bankruptcy is a better alternative for three very good reasons: 1) It is faster; 2) It is cheaper; and 3) You can rebuild your credit quicker.

Reason 2: The Pain Stops Immediately

The harassing telephone calls, collections letters, judgements, and garnishments can be endless when you are behind on your bills.  The stress of debt can ruin your health, disturb  your relationships, and leave you laying awake in the middle of the night wondering how to end the pain.

Hiring a qualified bankruptcy attorney that specializes in debt relief can stop the hemorrhaging immediately.  Actually filing your bankruptcy case puts into place powerful federal laws that bar further collection actions under threat of sanctions.  So filing your bankruptcy is the fastest solution you will find for getting out of debt.

Reason 3: Recovering Your Credit Start Immediately

Remember, all the other alternatives not only cost money but they delay your ability to begin recovering.  Whether you are in a debt settlement program or a credit counseling program, your credit is still in the ….. well… toilet until you pay them off and stop the negative reporting.

Not the same with bankruptcy.  The minute you file all negative reporting on your credit reports must halt.  Your credit score begins to immediately bounce back since it is not getting hammered monthly.  A little credit rebuilding strategy can put you into a position to buy a house in as little as three years.  Don’t forget in the other options you will still be paying for the bad debt and will still have to go through a credit recovery period.  So filing bankruptcy is not just the fastest way to end the pain but it is the fastest way to get you down the road toward recovery and the bright financial future you deserve.

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