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Want to keep your home, car, and personal possessions despite your debt? (Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney David Lozano can make it happen!)

Bankruptcy laws were designed to benefit you, the average Californian! Bankruptcy is granted by a federal court to either businesses or individuals who are in debt and need a fresh start or an extension on their payment deadlines. There are several kinds of bankruptcy options, such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, but deciding which type to file is simple with bankruptcy attorney David Lozano’s assistance!

Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney David Lozano helps you keep your possessions!David Lozano will outline what is involved in the bankruptcy process step-by-step before you file bankruptcy so that you know what to expect. A concern that has been raised thousands of times by clients is whether they will lose their home, car, or other possessions which they hold dear. I am happy to tell you that as long as you are upfront about listing all the assets you own, there is very little risk of losing your possessions and property.

The idea that bankruptcy automatically leads to the loss of your possessions is a myth! In most cases your home, car, and personal possessions are exempt from being repossessed. David Lozano wants you to know beforehand what is going to happen when you file bankruptcy in order to ease your worries! So stop by one of our offices in West Covina, Ontario, or Lancaster for a free consultation!

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