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Will everyone know when you file bankruptcy? (Ontario attorney David Lozano wishes to put your mind at ease!)

A big concern I hear from my clients when they come in for a free consultation is who will know that they have filed bankruptcy. Truthfully, there are only a limited number of people who may be notified when you file bankruptcy.

Creditors will be made aware of the fact that you have filed bankruptcy. This is a standard procedure that gives creditors the opportunity to dispute the claim. Employers may also be notified depending on the circumstances of your bankruptcy case. Members of your household, for instance a spouse, will be notified even if their finances are separate from yours. Public records are kept by the Federal Court that require specific information about the bankruptcy case in order to gain access to the records.

Less people than you think will be notified when you file bankruptcy. This means that unless you share the information with your friends or other family members, they will be none the wiser! Drop by our Ontario location for a free consultation!

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