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Worried about rumors you have heard about debtor’s prison?

During my time as a bankruptcy attorney I have heard many concerns that clients have when it comes to filing bankruptcy. One worry which has plagued quite a few of my clients is whether or not there is a possibility that they will go to jail as a consequence of the debt they have incurred. This fear has usually arisen from something a creditor said or a case they heard or read about involving debtor’s prison in another country. In the United States, such a thing was outlawed over 200 years ago, so you can rest assured that you won’t go to jail because you are unable to pay your credit card debt!

Prison sentences are only given in severe cases in which someone has knowingly and purposefully engage in illegal exploits, such as failing to show up for a court hearing, refusing to pay child support, or defrauding the IRS. The bankruptcy exemption law was written in order to protect debtors who file bankruptcy, not punish them.

Filing bankruptcy is a big step and it should be taken with confidence and relief. There is no need for you to worry unnecessarily when you have an experienced bankruptcy attorney at your side. Contact me for a free consultation, and we will determine what course of action is right for you!

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