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Want to avoid burdening your loan co-signer when you file bankruptcy? (Southern California bankruptcy attorney David Lozano is here to help!)

Don't stick your co-signer with the bill! David Lozano can help you do the responsible thing!If you meet a friend for dinner and agree to go dutch, it would be rude to then stick your dinner company with the bill. It’s the same situation if you file bankruptcy without consulting the co-signer of a loan that has not been paid in full. While your debt may be eliminated with Chapter 7, the co-signer will still be held responsible for the full amount of the loan!

Creditors don’t acknowledge that one of the co-signers has been absolved of his or her share of the loan. Their only concern is collecting their dues, whether or not the co-signer has to pay double his or her share! Whoever the co-signer may be– a family member, friend, partner, or ex– they don’t deserve to be stuck with your portion of the loan as well as their own!

Does this mean you can’t file bankruptcy if you’ve co-signed on a loan? Not at all! By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can qualify to receive an extension on your payments, so that you can pay off your portion of the loan. Contact me for a free consultation on settling your debt without burdening your co-signer with the bill! It is the responsible thing to do!

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