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Dealing with debt and rising prices? Lancaster attorney David Lozano advises you to keep a budget!

Everyone has a different grocery shopping approach–some make a list, others go in and shop for whatever looks good, some plan their shopping trip by clipping coupons and waiting for the biggest sales, others shop for what they need for the week. Whatever their shopping style, however, all shoppers will be affected by the increase in food prices this year!

There is a predicted 2% to 3% rise in food prices for 2011! According to Rick Plumlee, the break down of prices goes like this:

“Beef increased nearly 6 percent through Sept. 30 over the end of the third quarter in 2009. Pork shot up 10 percent, and fresh vegetables increased more than 4 percent. And then there are eggs. They jumped 11.3 percent, in part because of a salmonella outbreak in August at two Iowa farms.”

With the economy the way it is, any increase in prices is cause for concern! Gas prices are already causing people to pull their hair out. Although the government has turned to using ethanol fuel to try to keep the price of gas down. But wait, ethanol is made from corn! Do you know how many foods have corn or corn syrup in them? Not to mention how corn is used as feed for chickens.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I look at things from the perspective of my clients. Dealing with debt makes even the slightest jump in prices a nightmare! I advise my clients to practice good budget management. By sticking to a budget, my clients can take advantage of the times when prices are good and make do when they aren’t! Visit our Lancaster location today for a free consultation!

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Are Mom and Dad making sacrifices for your sake?

To cope with the current state of our economy people will often take on extra shifts at work or cut back on frivolous spending. But what about individuals who are retired and their frivolous spending consists solely of buying the grandkids holiday and birthday gifts? That’s right, I’m talking about generous Grandmas and Grandpas here!

The elderly are struggling with debt just as much as the rest of society. A common assumption has been that social security and a good 401(k) plan will be enough to support the elderly after retirement. What I’ve seen happening more and more frequently, however, is elderly folks dipping into their savings for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

Supporting ones children is a hard habit to break. So when Mom and Dad see their son or daughter low on cash, struggling with unemployment, beset with unexpected hospital bills, or in need, the automatic response is to help out.

Lending cash when one is on a fixed income is difficult though. Many elderly men and women turn to borrowing against the equity on their house or relying on credit cards to get by. Unfortunately, both of these methods lead to trouble! Taking out a second mortgage can easily result in foreclosure and missing a few payments on the credit card quickly develops into hefty credit card debt. The elderly may even go without prescribed medication or scrimp on food in an effort to keep up with their bills.

No one likes the thought of dear old Grandma and Grandpa risking their health and comfortable living during retirement! That’s why it is important that elderly individuals get professional financial advice before it comes to that!

Bankruptcy was designed to give people relief from their debt! Mom and Dad have been taking care of you all your life! It’s probably about time to return the favor. Contact me for a free consultation. Together we will make sure that your elderly loved ones can enjoy their retirement to the fullest!

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Do you really need an attorney to file bankruptcy?

While it is in my best interest that you hire an attorney, that is not the only reason why I advise my clients that having one is essential. Filing bankruptcy is not as simple as filling out some paperwork, paying a fee, and sending it all to the court for approval. There’s a lot more to it, which is why bankruptcy attorney, such as myself, exist. We evaluate your situation from a legal perspective, thoroughly discuss all available options with you–the client–and handle all legal matters.

There are many ins and outs when it comes to filing bankruptcy, but bankruptcy attorneys are able to follow the complex system and understand the technical terms involved with ease. Attorneys have studied all the laws and technicalities that go into bankruptcy at length, and having this knowledge makes the process of handling your unique bankruptcy case a simple matter of organize all the details and deciding the right course of action for you.

So, while the law does not require you to have an attorney, I highly recommend it. Another benefit of hiring an attorney who specializes in the field is the speed and efficiency we have to offer. Hiring a bankruptcy attorney saves you the time and frustration of trying to decipher what needs to be done, the order it needs to be done in, and how to solve dilemmas should they arise. Contact me for your free consultation, so that you can concentrate your efforts on getting your life back in order while I take care of the rest!

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Wondering if there’s an advantage to using a payday loan service? (Bankruptcy attorney David Lozano says, “definitely not!”)

The tempting offer of a payday loan is hard to resist. They make it sound as if there are no strings attached–the service simply lends you the money you need until your next paycheck. The hard truth, however, is that you often end up owing more money than you borrowed. Whatever label it is given–payday loan, cash advance, check advance, deferred deposit–it amounts to the same thing. The payday loan service cashes in while you struggle to stay afloat!

Here’s how it works, if you want to borrow $100 to get you through the next two weeks, you write the payday loan service a check for $115–that’s a 15% fee, which equals a 391% Annual Percentage Rate. Then they hold the check for those two weeks. But what happens if you can’t afford the expense? Most of the time you can’t renew or extend your loan. So you either you have to cough up the cash or they rely on a collection agency to get the money out of you. In the cases that you can renew or extend your loan, it comes at a costly fee, which almost always outweighs any benefit of getting the advance in the first place!

Payday loans aren’t what they are cracked up to be. If you’re having financial troubles your best bet is to go to a professional financial adviser! For a free consultation to discuss your options, contact me! We can find a solution that benefits you instead of adding to the problem!

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Worried about filing bankruptcy? (With bankruptcy attorney David Lozano there’s nothing to worry about!)

Who files bankruptcy? Anyone who finds themselves in over his or her head in debt!

Much to my dismay, the vast majority of Americans seem to be under the illusion that only irresponsible, lazy good-for-nothings file bankruptcy. Many of my first-time clients are under the same impression. They feel as though they have done something wrong. They’ve tried everything they could think of and have no where else to turn. It is common that when people step into my office for the first time, they feel like a failure.

David Lozano is here to help!I cannot stress enough how much this isn’t true! Nearly all of the clients who seek my help are your average Californian who is simply in a tight spot (many times through no fault of their own!). In your free debt consultation, the first obstacle I strive to overcome is dissuading you of any negative feelings you have concerning your situation!

The service I offer places no blame on you! (I’m sure you’ve put yourself through enough grief already!) I understand that you are in an unfortunate situation that is usually due to circumstances beyond your control. The loss of a job, sudden illness or injury, or back taxes are just a few examples of some of the unexpected setbacks that can occur.

David Lozano will help you get back on your feet!I remind my clients that they have handled the situation to the best of their ability. It is the responsible thing to do to take charge of the situation, which is what they’ve done by contacting me! Together we can get you through the situation until you are debt free!

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Chapter 7 or Chapter 13–Part 2 (Hint: West Covina bankruptcy attorney David Lozano is here to provide advice!)

I said in my last post that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is harder to qualify for than Chapter 13. But what if you qualify for both? Which should you choose?

This is why West Covina bankruptcy attorney David Lozano is here–to help you make the right choice!

The key to deciding which bankruptcy claim is right for you comes down to the specifics of your unique circumstances. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 were designed to be compatible with the common circumstances seen in bankruptcy, so it’s simply a matter of selecting the best fit if you qualify for both. It’s kind of like choosing which pair of jeans to wear. Sure, they both get the job done, but only one of them makes the cut when you want to look your best–or get your finances and life in order!

Some things to take into consideration when choosing the best bankruptcy plan for you include what kind of assets, mortgage loan or car payments you have. Are you responsible for any dependent children? Is there a divorce involved? Another important question to ask yourself is whether you are simply behind on your bills and need a little bit of leeway in order to catch up. The factors are numerous, but together we will figure it all out.

Depending on these and many other circumstances, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may be just the solution you’re looking for! You’ve probably been financially responsible all your life and just got hit with medical bills or got laid off unexpectedly. Whatever the reason, filing bankruptcy provides the means to get back on track with a fresh start!

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Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? (Hint: Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer David Lozano can help you figure it out!)

A lot of people visit me for a free consultation wondering what type of bankruptcy to file, if any. I am always happy to discuss this matter–it’s what I’m here for!

Southern California bankruptcy lawyer David Lozano will help you get through your financial troublesIn a nutshell, Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates your debt completely while protecting most or all of your assets, including (usually) your home, car, and personal belongs. It also puts an end to the constant calls, letters, liens, and lawsuits from creditors. Not only that, there are no strings attached. Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes sure that once the debt is gone, it’s gone for good!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a reorganization plan that makes repaying your debt a reality once more. It takes the same amount of debt and breaks it done into manageable portions to be paid over a determined amount of time. Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps you catch up when you’ve fallen behind–and it also puts an end to the calls, letters, liens, and lawsuits!

So which bankruptcy claim is better? In general, it’s a little harder to qualify for Chapter 7. Plus, it all depends on your particular circumstances, which is where I come in. Together, we can settle your debt using one chapter or another!

Don’t forget: David Lozano is your best source of bankruptcy information in Los Angeles. I will work hard to help you make the best choices and get your life back on track!

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