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Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? (Hint: Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer David Lozano can help you figure it out!)

A lot of people visit me for a free consultation wondering what type of bankruptcy to file, if any. I am always happy to discuss this matter–it’s what I’m here for!

Southern California bankruptcy lawyer David Lozano will help you get through your financial troublesIn a nutshell, Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates your debt completely while protecting most or all of your assets, including (usually) your home, car, and personal belongs. It also puts an end to the constant calls, letters, liens, and lawsuits from creditors. Not only that, there are no strings attached. Chapter 7 bankruptcy makes sure that once the debt is gone, it’s gone for good!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a reorganization plan that makes repaying your debt a reality once more. It takes the same amount of debt and breaks it done into manageable portions to be paid over a determined amount of time. Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps you catch up when you’ve fallen behind–and it also puts an end to the calls, letters, liens, and lawsuits!

So which bankruptcy claim is better? In general, it’s a little harder to qualify for Chapter 7. Plus, it all depends on your particular circumstances, which is where I come in. Together, we can settle your debt using one chapter or another!

Don’t forget: David Lozano is your best source of bankruptcy information in Los Angeles. I will work hard to help you make the best choices and get your life back on track!

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