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Are Mom and Dad making sacrifices for your sake?

To cope with the current state of our economy people will often take on extra shifts at work or cut back on frivolous spending. But what about individuals who are retired and their frivolous spending consists solely of buying the grandkids holiday and birthday gifts? That’s right, I’m talking about generous Grandmas and Grandpas here!

The elderly are struggling with debt just as much as the rest of society. A common assumption has been that social security and a good 401(k) plan will be enough to support the elderly after retirement. What I’ve seen happening more and more frequently, however, is elderly folks dipping into their savings for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

Supporting ones children is a hard habit to break. So when Mom and Dad see their son or daughter low on cash, struggling with unemployment, beset with unexpected hospital bills, or in need, the automatic response is to help out.

Lending cash when one is on a fixed income is difficult though. Many elderly men and women turn to borrowing against the equity on their house or relying on credit cards to get by. Unfortunately, both of these methods lead to trouble! Taking out a second mortgage can easily result in foreclosure and missing a few payments on the credit card quickly develops into hefty credit card debt. The elderly may even go without prescribed medication or scrimp on food in an effort to keep up with their bills.

No one likes the thought of dear old Grandma and Grandpa risking their health and comfortable living during retirement! That’s why it is important that elderly individuals get professional financial advice before it comes to that!

Bankruptcy was designed to give people relief from their debt! Mom and Dad have been taking care of you all your life! It’s probably about time to return the favor. Contact me for a free consultation. Together we will make sure that your elderly loved ones can enjoy their retirement to the fullest!

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Want to keep creditors at bay?

As a Californian bankruptcy attorney, I’ve heard almost every kind of concern people dealing with debt have. One of the common concerns is that creditors will continue to contact you even after you’ve filed bankruptcy. This is a myth!

Once you file bankruptcy an “automatic stay” is put in place, which means creditors aren’t allowed to contact you. This puts an end to the constant calls and letters! It also prevents foreclosure and lawsuit attempts.

Avoid the constant calls from creditors with help from David Lozano!Bankruptcy laws were designed to give you a chance to get your life back in order. With the Law Offices of David Lozano, your fresh start can be made without creditors banging on your door demanding money! Contact me for a free consultation, so that you can get started on turning your financial situation around!

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Do you want to avoid foreclosure in Southern California?

Home is where you wish to stay? No problem!

Deciding what to do about crushing debt is a difficult undertaking for the average Californian. Despite the unpleasant nature of the topic, a decision needs to be made so that you can stop worrying and get back to enjoying life!

One of the most common concerns people have when it comes to settling their debt is foreclosure. Let’s face it, California foreclosure laws are enough to make anybody’s head spin! Rest assured, though: Lancaster, California, bankruptcy attorney David Lozano knows how to prevent foreclosure! Even if you’ve already received a Notice of Default or Notice of Sale, you are still eligible to file bankruptcy, which will stop the foreclosure process dead in its tracks!

Bankruptcy attorney David Lozano can help you keep your Southern California home.They say home is where the heart is, and there’s probably some sentimental value in those good old bricks and mortar. It’s more than just where you live. It’s about a sense of security in familiar surroundings. It’s the place where you grew up, your first home as an independent adult, or where you’ve raised your family. It’s about the location or simply not wanting to hassle with finding a new place to live in a good neighborhood where you will have to start all over again. Whatever the reason, I understand that you don’t want to part with your home!

So please talk to me today! My mission is to help you get through all your woes concerning debt until your financial future is as clean as a whistle!

David Lozano, Attorney at Law
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