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Is Bankruptcy Right For You? 3 Reasons It May Be!

by David Lozano, Esq. THREE REASONS FILING BANKRUPTCY COULD BE YOUR BEST OPTION! While approximately a million people file bankruptcy each year, there are still not enough tools available beyond discussing your situation with an attorney to help you determine if filing bankruptcy is the best option for you. Here are three good reasons most people decide filing a bankruptcy to get a fresh financial start is the best option for them. Reason 1: You Are Debt Free Overnight There are a multitude of “debt solution” alternatives advertised on the internet and spammed into your email regularly.  You have debt settlement scams and credit counseling companies promising to make you debt free in four to five years.  There are even the more exotic approaches that claim you don’t owe because money is a fiction.  Regardless of the alternative most of them include paying some amount back...

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